Every vacation seeker starts off saying they want the same thing: “Pina Colada in hand. Feet in the sand.”

But by day 3, you’re always itching for something to do that doesn’t involve suntan lotion and beach chairs. After all, you didn’t spend the last 6 months counting down the days until your next vacation to only walk away with a sunburn.

Rasta Beach Pool, The Verandah Antigua.

It’s time to flip the vacation snoozefest script and add a dash of pickleball pizzazz to your next getaway!

  1. Hammock Cove Antigua – 2 Pickleball Courts
  2. Pineapple Beach Club Antigua – 6 Pickleball Courts
  3. The Verandah Antigua – 4 Pickleball Courts
  4. St. James’s Club & Villas, Antigua – 3 Pickleball Courts
  5. Los Establos Boutique Resort, Panama – 1 Pickleball Court

Whether you seek seclusion and tranquility, or laid-back island vibes, each resort has it’s own unique personality, making it the perfect hub for relaxation and adventure.

1. Hammock Cove Antigua

2 Pickleball Courts, Hammock Cove Antigua

Our first stop is Hammock Cove Antigua—where 5-star luxury meets idyllic Caribbean Charm.

Nestled along a stunning indented coastline with calm waters on one side and spectacular ocean views of Devil’s Bridge National Park from the other, this all-inclusive, adults-only resort is a haven for pickleball enthusiasts.

Hammock Cove Antigua adjacent to Devil’s Bridge National Park.

As you step onto the meticulously maintained courts, you’ll feel the refreshing sea breeze energizing your game. The resort features two pristine pickleball courts perfect for beginners and advanced players alike.

After an exhilarating match, unwind in the resort’s luxurious spa or soak up the sun in your villa’s private infinity-edge plunge pool.

Private villa infinity-edge plunge pool, Hammock Cove Antigua.

2. Pineapple Beach Club Antigua

6 Pickleball Courts, Pineapple Beach Club Antigua.

Now, let’s turn up the heat at Pineapple Beach Club Antigua.

With a whopping six courts, this adults-only, all-inclusive resort is a pickleball paradise. So gather your squad, challenge your neighboring beach-goers, and soak in the Caribbean vibes between serves. Here, you’ll not only enjoy a spirited game of pickleball, but panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea as well.

When the games are over, you can dive into the resort’s three stunning swimming pools, explore the vibrant local culture, and indulge in an array of delectable cuisine, including mouthwatering Caribbean barbecue at the famous Outhouse. You can even immortalize your Championship win on the courts with a personalized sign to be hung in this one-of-a kind spot for years to come.

The Outhouse, Pineapple Beach Club Antigua.

3. The Verandah Antigua

4 Pickleball Courts, The Verandah Antigua.

Reopening November 17, 2023, The Verandah Antigua is not only Elite Island’s newest adults-only, all-inclusive property, it’s also the latest addition to the Elite pickleball lineup.

Four brand-new courts beckon pickleball enthusiasts to hone their skills amidst the resort’s lush green surroundings and stunning ocean views. Whether you’re looking for an intense match or a leisurely game under the Caribbean sun, this fully reimagined resort sets the stage for an active AND relaxing Caribbean getaway.

Rasta beach, The Verandah Antigua.

After your match, savor colorful cocktails and exquisite dining options in our renovated bars and restaurants, or opt for a rejuvenating massage at our recently expanded Tranquility Body & Soul Spa.

Our late-night sports bar will keep the party going, while our signature coffee shop will keep you up and ready for more!

Café 17 61°, The Verandah Antigua.

4. St. James’s Club & Villas, Antigua

4 Pickleball Courts, St. James’s Club & Villas, Antigua.

Nestled on a sprawling 100-acre peninsula in the heart of Antigua, St. James’s Club & Villas is not your average Caribbean retreat – it’s a pickleball paradise that blends family-friendly fun with the thrill of friendly competition.

With three courts that scream “challenge accepted,” you can take on seasoned players or try your luck against newcomers in an all-inclusive setting that promises to create unforgettable memories.

Royal Suites area, St. James’s Club & Villas, Antigua.

As the sun sets, trade your paddle for a cocktail at The Jacaranda Bar & Lounge, and enjoy seaside dining at it’s finest at The Docksider restaurant overlooking Mamora Bay.

The best part is, with a little help from Mamora Bay Café, you can do it all again tomorrow.

The Docksider, St. James’s Club & Villas, Antigua.

5. Los Establos Boutique Resort, Panama

1 Pickleball Court, Los Establos Boutique Resort, Panama.

Our final destination brings us to the intimately charming Los Establos Boutique Resort in Panama. If you’re seeking seclusion and serenity along with pickleball prestige, this is the place to be.

Amidst the lush greenery and stunning views of Volcán Barú National Park, Los Establos delivers a court-side experience like no other. With just one spectacularly maintained court, it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. With just 17 rooms and suites, Los Establos combines the thrill of competition with the peace of an exclusive escape, making it the perfect haven for pickleball enthusiasts looking for a more intimate setting.

Charming Suites at Los Establos Boutique Resort, Panama.

Cap off your day with a hand-crafted cocktail, and customize your evening with a romantic dinner, high above the coffee plantation, on our beautiful treetop gazebo.

For tomorrow holds a brand-new adventure…

Romantic dinner at Los Establos Boutique Resort, Panama.

Unlike most all-inclusive resorts, Los Establos offers 13 all-inclusive tours and excursions to keep you active and adventurous during your stay. Take on the thrill of class-IV rapids aboard our white-water rafting adventure or soak in the natural Caldera hot springs…the choice is yours.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to swap out the ordinary for an active adventure, Elite Island Resorts has your back. From solo showd owns to team triumphs, our resorts offer a pickleball experience tailored to your style. Pack your paddle, book your flight, and get ready to serve, sip, and sun your way through the vacation of a lifetime. Pickleball paradise awaits – are you game?