The Grenadines

Palm Island, from the west

The Grenadines is a beautiful chain of Caribbean islands (one of which is Palm Island, an amazing resort and private island experience). The collective feel of these islands is a sense of being untouched by time – each one is authentic, original, and unique. Fresh fish and sailing (the island of Winward is known for generations of boat builders) are island essentials, while history such as Scottish descendants and the second home of Princess Margaret (on Mustique) lend a strong cultural heritage to the area. The Grenadines offer a wide range of lifestyles from yachts and modern restaurants to ramshackle rum shops and hundred-year old cafes. The oldest Botanical Gardens in the western hemisphere can be found in St. Vincent and contain a display of tropical trees, blossoms and plants, including breadfruit tree descended from the original one brought to the island in 1765 by Captain Bligh. The yearly carnival (a Caribbean island must), known as Vincy Mas, St. Vincent’s Carnival, is held June trough July and culminates in the world famous street parties of J’Ouvert and Mardi Gras. The Bequia Regatta, Carnival, and Fisherman’s Day takes place at Easter time and is a festival of boat races, sports, music, and games.



Fly into St. Lucia, and Elite Island Resorts takes it from there! You’ll be escorted to a short plan ride to Union Island where you’ll take our boat to Palm Island and be greeted right on the beach by the staff that will show you directly to your room.