For years Valentine’s Day has been referred to as the “Hallmark Holiday.” [Insert box of chocolates and bouquet of roses here.]

After a few hours and an expensive dinner (that was less than enthusiastic due to the masses of other couples doing the exact same thing), you’re left with what? An half-eaten box of chocolates, a few soon-to-be dead flowers, and a vow to “never go out to eat on Valentine’s Day ever again.” We’ve all said that one before…

This year, why not give your sweetheart something to look forward to. Something that truly signifies your love, when a box of chocolate just doesn’t cut it.

Picture this: you and your special someone, hand in hand, stepping into a world of pure bliss at The Verandah Antigua. No, we’re not expecting you to hop on a plane this minute , but that’s the beauty of it. Rather than spending a few hours celebrating your love, you can celebrate year-round.

This adults-only, all-inclusive paradise is where love stories come to life. Let’s dive into all the enchanting experiences waiting for you at our newly renovated haven of romance.

1. Late-Night Rendezvous at The Wavy Wicket

The Wavy Wicket Pub, The Verandah Antigua.

Alright, let’s talk late-night rendezvous at The Wavy Wicket – the latest addition to resort’s lineup of entertainment and hand-crafted cocktails.

Spend quality time with your sweetheart cheering on your favorite sports team, let loose with a little karaoke serenade, or simply enjoy a casual late-night bite with classic bar fare favorites.

bar bites and hand-crafted cocktails at The Wavy Wicket, The Verandah Antigua.

Whatever your fancy, this vibrant pub is the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and make memories that’ll have you smiling for years to come.

2. The Perfect Blend of Fine & Beachfront Casual Dining

Sails & Tales, The Verandah Antigua.

Now, let’s dial up the romance with a candlelit dinner at the fully-reimagined Nicole’s Restaurant — where every day is Valentine’s Day.

Imagine being surrounded by an elegant, upscale ambiance as you indulge in the most delectable gourmet cuisine, perfectly complemented by our extensive wine selection or a glass of champagne.

Fine dining at Nicole’s Restaurant, The Verandah Antigua.

With each bite, you’ll fall deeper in love – not just with the food, but with each other.

And let’s not forget those casual, carefree moments spent together at Sails & Tales. From fresh seafood delights to light salads and tantalizing cocktails, every bite is a celebration of your love story. Not to mention the view…

Casual dining and drinks at Sails & Tales, The Verandah Antigua.

Click here for a complete list of new restaurants and re-imagined favorites at The Verandah Antigua.

3. A Poolside Paradise By Day

Main Pool at The Verandah Antigua.

There’s more to an all-inclusive romantic getaway than just dining and drinks.

Picture yourselves lounging poolside, soaking up the Caribbean sun in style. Our newly refurbished main pool area is all about luxury and relaxation, with plush cabanas and in-pool sun loungers calling your name.

Newly-refurbished Waterfall Pool at The Verandah Antigua.

So grab your favorite cocktail, get your suntan lotion, and let the world melt away.

4. The Best of the Caribbean at Your Door

Superior Waterfront Suites, The Verandah Antigua.

Last but not least, you and your sweetheart will love waking up to the gentle sound of waves and the promise of another day of romance and adventure.

Our newly-renovated accommodations are your own private sanctuary, where modern furnishings and luxurious amenities set the stage for the perfect romantic getaway. Enjoy your morning coffee together as you take in stunning Caribbean vistas from the comfort of your private balcony overlooking the water.

Two-Bedroom Plunge Pool Villa, The Verandah Antigua.

Or treat yourself to an upgraded two-bedroom villa, complete with your own private plunge pool.

The Bottom Line…

So what are you waiting for? Your dreamy escape awaits at The Verandah Antigua. Book now and make your romantic fantasies a reality.