There are the luxuries you want when booking your next dream getaway—then there are those that take you by surprise.

For instance, enjoying a piña colada on the beach hits differently when your personal concierge delivers it to your sun lounger.

Why would you ever leave?

Beachside bar service from On The Rocks Bar at Hammock Cove Antigua.

The truth is you wouldn’t. That is, unless you wanted to enjoy some of the many other luxury experiences available to you at Hammock Cove Antigua.

Aside from unlimited beachside cocktails, here are the top 7 reasons why Hammock Cove Antigua should be at the top of your list for your next all-inclusive luxury escape.

Private Concierge Service

Private guest ambassador service at Hammock Cove Antigua.

The feeling that you’ve stepped over the threshold of luxury starts from the very moment you step through the lobby…although we prefer to call it Irina’s Bar.

At Hammock Cove, you won’t find long lines of guests anxiously waiting to check in. Instead, your personal ambassador is waiting to greet you by name, and help get your vacation off to a great start with a handcrafted cocktail from the bar.

Irina’s Bar at Hammock Cove Antigua.

Feel free to make your way over to Irina’s Bar and stay as long as you want. Your ambassador is available to you 24/7 by means of a personal cellphone, so time is of no essence.

Fancy an evening cocktail in your room, or breakfast in bed the next morning. Say no more!

Your personal ambassador is well prepared to exceed any and all of your vacation needs…so feel free to indulge.

Seven Dishes from Heaven

Lighthouse Restaurant, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Speaking of indulgences. Wednesdays are an evening of decadence at Lighthouse Restaurant.

As if Michelin-Star gastronomy isn’t enough to raise the standard of all-inclusive dining, come midweek, Chef Marco Festini dreams up a seven-course meal to truly redefine your dining experience.

Chef Marco Festini, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Say goodbye to recycled menus and repurposed lunch items. At Hammock Cove Antigua, every meal is unique and skillfully crafted based on what has been freshly caught, harvested or flown in that day.

Lighthouse Restaurant, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Plus, should you need any wine recommendations throughout your 7 courses, our on-staff sommelier is more than happy to step in to align your meal with a glass of red or white.

Enjoy a wine pairing, courtesy of our sommelier.

Come next morning, while you’re still sleeping off the wine from the night before, Chef Marco is already crafting innovative menus, inventing new dishes and personally reimagining your next meal—right down to the plate it’s served on.

Michelin-Star Chef Marco Festini, Hammock Cove Antigua.

The creative mind of Chef Marco never sleeps. For him, everything is fluid.

If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to have your own personal chef. This might be as close as you’ll get without actually pulling the trigger.

Chef Marco Festini, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Every morning, like clockwork, you will see him pop out of the kitchen for a chat, just as you’re ordering your morning mimosa. That is if you even have to ask.

Psychic Bartenders

Irina’s Bar, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Our bartenders may very well be psychic.

Just as Chef Marco gets to know your preferences, our bartenders go above and beyond to ensure that you’re never thirsty while on vacation.

On The Rocks (beach) Bar, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Whether it be a morning mimosa to go with your egg’s benedict, or a tropical fruit punch as you sink your toes in the sand, we’ve got you covered.

But, don’t be afraid to break free of your usual habits, and let our miracle workers work their mind-reading magic using handcrafted ingredients like our classic ginger beer and signature bottled rum, infused with cinnamon and honey.

Nobody Knows (rum) Bar, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Just a couple details to get started — rum or tequila? Sweet or tangy? — and the end result packs more intrigue and satisfaction than anything you’re used to back home.

On-Staff Sommelier

On-staff sommelier, Hammock Cove Antigua.

 There’s no need for introductions when it comes to trying new flavors at Hammock Cove Antigua.

Just ask our personal sommelier.

Infused with more knowledge about varietals and flavors than the grapes themselves, our distinguished sommelier goes above and beyond the label to offer stories behind every bottle on the menu.

Lighthouse Restaurant, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Plus, there’s never a rush. So settle in, ask questions and enjoy a classic red or white wine over an amazing meal at Lighthouse Restaurant.

Sommelier-led wine tastings, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Or for a more personalized experience, you can even enjoy a custom wine tasting along the Lighthouse Bar terrace. Overlooking fabulous views of the aqua-marine Caribbean Sea, you will learn the history behind each bottle, as well as secret techniques used by professionals to enjoy every glass to the fullest.

Your Every Wish Fulfilled

Beach lounge hammocks, Hammock Cove Antigua.

That “live life to the fullest” mentality is reflected in everything we do at Hammock Cove Antigua. We cater to your every wish, so you can leave the planning and forethought that goes into the day-to-day at home.

At Hammock Cove, you breathe easier knowing that the staff anticipates your every need, even before you do.

Beach & water sports staff, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Saunter to the pool or beach and allow yourself to be swept away by our staff as they reposition umbrellas to give you the perfect amount of shade, or deliver another fruit-infused cocktail to keep you hydrated.

Private Plunge Pool Villa

Private villa with personal plunge pool, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Your next drink is never too far away, even when enjoying the comforts of your private villa’s infinity-edge plunge pool.

Easily one of the signature experiences at Hammock Cove Antigua, your expansive indoor-outdoor villa offers a customizable wet bar, stocked prior to your arrival with full bottles of your favorite liquor and mixers.

Customizable wet-bar included at Hammock Cove Antigua.

Mix your favorite cocktails yourself, or stay submerged while requesting espresso drinks, champagne toasts, breakfast in bed or whatever other requests to make your day complete.

It’s the full package: Wake up and take a dip first thing and have your coffee—and more—already waiting.

In-Villa Dining, Photo Credit: TheBellyChronicles)

Rather sleep in?

Make the most of the sunset as it stretches before you and have your ambassador pop open a bottle of champagne—all part of your all-inclusive luxury privileges—all from the privacy and comfort of your freestanding plunge-pool villa.

Day-Tripping Starts Just A Few Feet From Your Room

Calypso Cat Catamaran Cruise. *Additional surcharge applies.

 OK, so you can’t do EVERYTHING from your private villa. We haven’t quite figured out how to dock the private day-trip catamaran up to your waterfront villa. But close enough.

Instead, the Calypso Cat pulls right up to our on-site dock, just offshore of our two-tier, white-sand beach.

On-site dock, Hammock Cove Antigua.

Departing for a half-day of exploration, this chill day-trip includes a few secret snorkel spots, lunch on nearby Bird Island, plus all-you-can-drink rum punch to keep the Caribbean vibes flowing.

Jump in and come face to face with Southern stingrays, schools of bright purple Creole wrasse fish, green sea turtles and more.

Pink Panther Safari tour. *Additional surcharge applies.

If seafaring isn’t your forte, the Pink Panther Safari certainly is. Also offering door-to-door service, this full-day safari tour is the best way to experience all that Antigua has to offer by land—from Shirley Heights to Nelson’s Dockyard and more.

For a full list of thrilling excursions, including deep-sea fishing, canopy zip lining, or a visit to Stingray City…

The Bottom Line…

Hammock Cove Antigua.

Hammock Cove Antigua is perfect spot to relax with a book and indulge in 5-star luxuries that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our three-tiered infinity pool provides a calm and peaceful setting for your next tranquil retreat. Listen to the water trickle down our multi-tiered boardwalk and watch the gentle waves lap the shoreline of our private, white-sand beach. With no shortage of sunbathed loungers, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted luxury as you breathe in the sights and wait for your personal ambassador to deliver the perfect cocktail or refreshment.

Call your favorite travel advisor or call us direct to book your next luxury escape to Hammock Cove Antigua today!