Making A Green Commitment Everyday

We invite you to submerse yourself in the breathtaking places and environments we call home every day – the islands of the Caribbean. At our resorts, we offer guests a plethora of options to get to know these environments on a more personal level. Whether it be snorkeling on one of the reefs just off of our beaches, going on an eco-walk to learn about the native flora and fauna, or simply sitting on the beach and marveling at crystal blue waters which meet an expansive, sun-drenched sky, guests would be hard-pressed not to leave feeling more in touch with nature than ever before.

Elite Island Resorts has identified key environmental aspects related to the operation of our resorts which we believe are instrumental in supporting sustainable tourism. Our dedication to our resorts’ local ecosystems is a 365-day-a-year commitment. Four of our seven resorts are even Green Globe Certified, meaning that we have gone above and beyond a certain set of criteria for sustainable environmental practices at a global level. We feel strongly about protecting our environment, and wanted to share with you some of the practices we have put in place at our resorts in order to achieve this goal.

Energy, Waste & Water Conservation

• High-efficiency, energy-saving fluorescent lighting.
• Many rooms are equipped with a solar water-heating system.
• Air conditioning units in guest rooms are motion-censored and outdoor lights are controlled by photocells.
• Rooms not in use have all A/C units turned off and we do not pre-cool rooms for guests.
• Restaurants and kitchens use energy-efficient appliances.
• During low occupancy, certain rooms are sectioned off and unoccupied rooms are closed down temporarily.
• Waste water from the resort is converted to greywater and used for irrigation purposes.
• Water is provided to all areas of the resorts from our on-site desalination plants.
• Sprinklers are turned on and off by a timer.
• Most of our tropical plants are low maintenance, in that they require little water.
• We employ a towel reuse program, where guests place dirty towels on the floor to be replaced and leave clean towels on the rack.
• We use Eco-Lab products to help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in cleaning.
• Laundry equipment is operated with full loads instead of partial loads.
• Water conserving toilets are in guest rooms and public areas.
• All leftover foods from the restaurants and kitchen are donated to a local pig farmer for feed.
• Many of our resorts have their own herb, fruit and vegetable gardens to not only deliver the freshest ingredients to our restaurants but also to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

Green Globe Hotel Certification is the only independent certification body certifying compliance with ‘Baseline Criteria of Sustainable Tourism’, ISO 61 / 65 / 67, The Mohonk Agreement, Agenda 21 and principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 governments at the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.

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