About Us


Thanks for visiting our site. As Chairman of Elite Island Resorts, I want to welcome you to a collection of Caribbean properties that includes some of the most spectacular in the region. I have been in the Caribbean for almost four decades and have actually built some of these properties with my very own hands. For me, the Caribbean is a great place to call home and one of the most incredible places you may ever visit. Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and Palm Island each have some of the best beaches, scenic backdrops and resorts found anywhere in the world. With Antigua boasting one beach for every day of the year – yes there really are 365 beaches surrounding this island – and St. Lucia with its majestic Piton mountains, you may wonder how you’ll ever decide which resort you’ll stay at first. Then we throw in Palm Island, a private island escape in The Grenadines, just to fill your senses with tropical wonder. Each resort is independently owned and operated, and carefully selected to provide an amazing, authentic Caribbean experience. After taking the time to peruse this site, give us a call or send us an e-mail to make reservations and experience the hospitality of the Authentic Caribbean. Again, welcome and enjoy the site. Better yet, come visit. Sincerely, signature Rob Barrett