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The Grenadines
A Quiet Respite on an Unspoiled Caribbean Island

About The Grenadines

Part of the British Windward Islands, The Grenadines, are a chain of nearly 600 islets that extend for 60 mi between St. Vincent and Grenada.The main islands in the chain are Bequia, Balliceau, Canouan, Mayreau, Mustique, Isle D'Quatre, Petit Saint Vincent, and Union Island.

The Grenadines History

The Grenadines belonged to the West Indies Federation from 1958 until its dissolution in 1962, the islands won home rule in 1969 as part of the West Indies Associated States, and achieved full independence Oct. 27, 1979.
In 1966 Palm Island was leased by Americans John and Mary Caldwell for 99 years from the St. Vincent & the Grenadines government for one US dollar per year. The couple began constructing a 10-room hotel called the Palm Island Beach Club which they ran for the next 30 years. In 1999 the hotel was sold to the current owners.

The Grenadines Climate

The Grenadines has an average yearly rainfall of just 4 inches and an average temperate of 79 degrees.

The Grenadines Things to Do

• Fun Land Activities include nature hiking, fitness walks, bicycling, cooking classes, and daytrips over to other islands.

• Fun Water Activities: The Grenadines offer some of the best sailing in the Caribbean Take a boat trip to the Falls of Baleine, at the northern tip of St Vincent. The 59ft. freshwater falls stream from volcanic slopes and form a series of shallow pools at the base.

• Fun Excursions include boat charters to neighboring islands; fishing, sunset cruises, hobie sails, special picnic lunches or secluded romantic dinners.

The Grenadines Special Events

• The Grenadines Carnival: Held the last week of June and the first week of July, the festivities known as Vincy Mas, St. Vincent’s Carnival, has an official launch in May, and stretches all the way through to July, culminating in the world famous street parties of J’Ouvert and Mardi Gras.
• The Bequia Regatta, Carnival, and Fisherman’s Day: takes place at Easter time and is a festival of boat races, sports, music, and games.

Other Grenadines Points of Interest

• Bequia: an island 9 miles south of St Vincent and the largest of the Grenadines where you can see natives engaged in the traditions of boat building and harpoon fishing. 

• Botanical Gardens: the oldest Botanical Gardens in the western hemisphere, north of Kingstown, St Vincent, contains a display of tropical trees, blossoms and plants, including a breadfruit tree descended from the original one brought to the island in 1765 by Captain Bligh.
• Kingston: is the lively capital of St Vincent, with 12 small blocks of shops and a busy dock area. The Saturday morning market, comprises many stalls piled high with fresh fruit and vegetables.

How to Get to Palm Island in The Grenadines

From St. Lucia you’ll be escorted to a short plan ride to Union Island where you’ll take our boat to Palm Island and be greeted right on the beach by the staff that will show you directly to your room.

Getting There
Guests should bring one carry on with them with all necessary clothing and personal items for one day in case baggage delivery is delayed.
Free inter-island flights from St. Lucia to Union Island with a 7 night stay or longer.

Elite Island Resorts All Inclusive Resorts in The Grenadines

Accessible only by boat, your Palm Island experience begins dockside as you are greeted by staff with a welcome cocktail. Choose one of only 43 guest rooms which have been carefully designed to offer privacy and seclusion on this 135 acre island hideaway.