Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The Creme de la Creme of the Caribbean

About Tortola, The British Virgin Islands

Commonly known as The British Virgin Islands (though officially named “Virgin Islands,”) this chain of islands is a British overseas territory located to the east of Puerto Rico and consisting of sixty tropical Caribbean islands, ranging in size from the largest, Tortola to tiny uninhabited islets.. The capital, Road Town, is situated on Tortola. The islands have a population of about 27,800, of which approximately 23,000 live on Tortola.

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands History

The first European sighting of the Virgin Islands was by Christopher Columbus in 1493 on his second voyage to the Americas who gave them the name Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes (Saint Ursula and her 11,000 Virgins), which was eventually shortened to Las Vírgenes (The Virgins.) The Spanish Empire claimed the islands in the early 16th century. The Dutch established a permanent settlement on the island of Tortola by 1648. In 1672, the English captured Tortola from the Dutch.  Over the period from 1672–1733,The Danish gained control of the nearby islands of Saint Thomas, Saint John and Saint Croix and then sold them to the United States in 1917 who renamed them to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands Climate

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands Climate

The British Virgin Islands average temperatures are approximately 75 degrees. Rainfall averages about 45.3 inches per year.

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands Things to Do

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands Things to Do
  • Fun Land Activities include nature hiking in the many National Parks, exploring historic sites such as Old Government House Museum, Mount Health, Fort Burt, and the Copper Mine, bicycling, and daytrips over to other islands like Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.
  • Fun Water Activities: Diving, sailing, boat charters, kayaking, kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing, swimming with dolphin, and a host of non-motorized water sports.
  • Fun Excursions include boat charters, dive trips, and helicopter tours.

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands Special Events

Tortola, The British Virgin Islands  Special Events

• The British Virgin Island Regatta & Sailing Event: Held in Tortola, this racing and sailing event takes place between late March and early April.

Other British Virgin Island Points of Interest

Other British Virgin Island Points of Interest
  • Cane Garden Bay: this beach on the northwestern side of Tortola is the home of the original Cheeseburger in Paradise at Stanley’s restaurant. It transforms into a dance club in the evenings with live music from the many local bars.
  • Rhone National Marine Park: one of the world’s top shipwrecks which sailed for the last time on Oct. 19, 1867 and sank near Salt Island. You can spot the ship’s bow from the surface of the sea, but you’ll have to dive some 80 feet down to explore the rest of the largely intact vessel and swim among the moray eels and octopus that now call the ship home. It is accessible via dive boats from Tortola ferry terminal.

How to Get to Tortola, British Virgin Islands

From San Juan, Puerto Rico you can fly Cape Air or Seaborne into the British Virgin Islands’ main airport, the Terrence B. Lettsome Airport, (EIS) which is a 50 minute ride to Long Bay Beach Club.
Additionally, a charter or ferry can be boarded in St. Thomas for a 40 minute scenic ride to West End which is only a 7 minute ride to Long Bay Beach Club.

Elite Island Resorts All Inclusive Resorts in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Long Bay Beach Club epitomizes the tropical informality and natural beauty of the British Virgin Islands. Hidden away on one of the island’s finest beaches with a mile of talcum-powder sand caressed by the gentle surf of the Caribbean Sea.