Travel Tips

Things You Need to Know When Traveling to Antigua

Passport Requirements

All visitors to Antigua require a passport that is valid for at least 6 months past the date of arrival. Additionally, all visitors must have a return ticket and confirmation of accommodation. Get more information on passport requirements in Antigua.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend travel insurance. We have a select partner with whom you can arrange insurance for your trip. Click here for more information.


Tipping is not necessary at all-inclusive resorts.

  • Restaurants Most outside restaurants add a service charge to the bill. The normal service charge is 10%.
  • Baggage Handlers $1/bag
  • Taxi Drivers 10-15% on the fixed rate
  • Charter Boat Crews 10-15%

Telephones/Cell Phones

You can call long distance from Antigua by dialing 1 + the area code. To call the UK you must use the country code. To save money on long distance charges you can purchase a phone card from providers such as AT&T, USADirect, MCI or Sprint.
To see if your cell phone will work in Antigua, check with your cell phone provider to see if they have agreements with any of the Antiguan cell providers such PCS, APUA or Cingular.

Departure Taxes & Service Charges

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon arrival at the airport. However, Antigua does have a US$28.00 (EC$70.00) airport departure tax, and a room tax of 8.5%.Airport taxes are usually included in the price of your plane ticket and room taxes are included in your all-inclusive hotel package.


Part of the island is 110 volts, the remainder is 220 volts. Most hotels have both voltages available.

Appropriate Attire

Elegantly casual attire is always in style in Antigua. Beach attire is appropriate for the beach but not in town, or at shops or restaurants. Some restaurants have a dress code, check before you go. Each resort has its own dress code for dining. Please visit the hotel’s web site for details.

Time zone

Atlantic Standard Time (One hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time) and the same as Eastern Daylight Time. ) GMT -4.


Official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. U.S. currency is widely accepted. Check to be certain that the destination or restaurant you visit accepts travelers’ checks or credit cards before you go. The exchange rate between EIC and U.S. dollars is fixed at EC $2.7 to U.S. $1.


No vaccinations are required.
If you are traveling with prescription medication, make sure to pack it in its original container, and double check that it is clearly labeled. Do not pack your medication in a pill box. Next to your medication, pack a prescription slip, or note from your doctor detailing the medication and its use. This will prevent any delays as you travel through customs.

Hospital: Holberton Hospital in St John’s
Clinic: Adelin Clinic in St. John’s

Duty Free & Customs

  • Gift packages may be sent from Antigua to the United States duty-free with the exception of tobacco, alcohol, and perfume, as long as only one parcel is sent per day.
  • In order to be eligible to buy duty free goods the purchaser must now show a valid airline ticket. The shops are obliged to include the actual ticket number on the receipt in order to be able to sell the goods to you duty free. Heritage Quay in St. John’s offers two floors of duty and tax free merchandise.
  • Upon arrival you can you can get a certificate of registration on expensive items such as laptops, cameras, watches, jewelry, and other digital devices by bringing proof of purchase such as a sales receipt or insurance documentation. This will save you both hassle and expense on customs duty charges on your departure.
  • Keep all receipts for items you do purchase in Antigua handy so that you can have ready access to them for inspection in customs.
  • If you visit a CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative) country for more than 48 hours, you may bring home $800(USD) worth of goods duty-free, as long as you have not used the $800(USD) allowance or any part of it in the 30 days preceding your trip. You are allowed to bring home up to 200 cigarettes and 100 non-Cuban cigars.
  • You are permitted to mail up to $200(USD) worth of goods for personal use; label the package “PERSONAL USE” and attach a list of its contents and their retail value. If the package contains used personal belongings, mark it “AMERICAN GOODS RETURNED” to avoid paying duties. You may send gift packages, excepting alcohol, tobacco, or perfume, worth more than $500(USD) from a CBI country such as Antigua to the United States duty-free, with a limit of one parcel per addressee per day. You may send up to $100(USD) worth of goods as a gift; mark the package “UNSOLICITED GIFT.” Mailed items do not affect your duty-free allowance on your return.

Driving & Taxis

  • Antigua visitors can obtain a visitor’s driver’s license for a fee of about $20 (USD) from the rental desk at your resort.
  • You must drive “British style” with drivers staying to the left side of the road.
  • If you are traveling with children, drivers should note that you will need to bring and install your own car seat in all vehicles including taxis.
  • Be aware that some roads are not marked and drivers should plan their route and bring a map.
  • Taxis are not metered. Rather, there are government fixed rates for most trips. Settle on a rate before you set depart.
  • Determine if the rate is in US or EC currency.

Personal Safety
Antigua is relatively crime free, but exercise normal precautions; i.e. don’t leave valuables unattended in rental cars or on the beach. Place your valuables and travel documents in your room safe. Keep your guest room doors and windows locked, especially at night and when you are not in the room.