Ismay Mason

The Story of Ismay’s

When visitors come for a special dinner at Ismay’s Restaurant at Galley Bay Resort & Spa they often ask how the restaurant got its unique name, and the staff at Galley Bay are very proud to tell them the equally unique story. 

Ismay’s Restaurant

During the 2008 expansion, Galley Bay knew they needed to add in a celebration restaurant where guests could experience an enhanced level of both cuisine and service. During the development of the restaurant the resort asked their 188 employees for suggestions on a name for this new dining option. 

While they received many suggestions, one was heads and shoulders above any other recommendation. The employees wanted to take this opportunity to honor one of their own- Ismay.

Ismay Mason has the longest employment history with Galley Bay Resort & Spa. She has never called in sick and has always been a trusted friend to all to know her. So in April 2008 when the ribbon cutting ceremony was held, the Prime Minister of Tourism noted that this was the only business in Antigua that had ever been named after an employee.

Additionally, in 2009 Ismay received an Order of Merit on behalf of the Queen from the Governor General. Even though she had considered retiring, she decided she really didn’t want to leave, so she held the position of “Ambassador” for Galley Bay until 2013.

Ismay received an Order of Merit from the Governor General

Today, Galley Bay Resort and Spa has embarked on a foundation in the name of retired employee Ismay Mason. The Ismay’s Foundation will be used to help develop staff by providing training opportunities and scholarships to further their education.

A contribution of one dollar per person will be allocated from dinner charges at Ismay’s Restaurant for this very worthy cause that will go a long way towards helping to improve the lives of the staff at Galley Bay Resort & Spa.

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