Swimming With Sea Turtles In Barbados

Everyone has heard about swimming with dolphins, but what about sea turtles? Not everyone knows how serene and majestic they are. If you’re traveling through Barbados, you can come see these amazing creatures for yourself!

On my trip I saw three different turtles in the 10-15 foot clear sea foam green waters. There was one that was a deep dark brown like oak wood, another lighter and the size of a toddler and a pale brown baby who gave me several curious glances. I would recommend bringing your own camera as this is something you will definitely want photographic evidence of.

Unfortunately my own waterproof camera broke two days earlier in some unknown karmic balance. But it was still worth it. I might even have to do it again just so I have something to look back at and smile upon. The turtles were extremely friendly and rather curious too. As long as you weren’t thrashing about, they swam right up under you, giving you a close-up inspection of their geometric shelled backs. Most everyone else tried swimming after the turtles, chasing them around for pictures, but the less you move, the more likely they will be to come give you a cursory second glance.

Some people are even able to touch them! The smallest one swam right up to me at eye level and looked at me for a few momentous seconds before heading off after some more nibbles our guide was throwing. This as you can probably imagine, absolutely made my day. I thought I was a turtle whisperer. My mom told me not to quit my day job.

We stayed at that particular spot with the turtles for about thirty minutes then headed back and made a quick pit stop at an old barge wreck the size of a pickup truck. The fish there are used to visitors and swim right up and around you. I hopped in and was astounded to find myself surrounded by a huge school of silver blue open mouthed fish.

It was overall a marvelous experience. I have always heard about how gentle and graceful turtles are. How they simply glide through the water, looking completely serene. Now I have that memory forever. An actual experience beats a photo every day and now I will have this one to cherish. (But my camera not breaking would have been great too)!

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