Barbuda Tour

Barbuda is one of Antigua’s 365 beaches. I explored this exclusive stretch of beach by the luxurious Excellence Catamaran (and it is excellent and bigger than you’d imagine with a bar stocked full of rum punch and a grill). The ride is about an hour and half to a secluded spot which all could explore.

The crew is lots of fun and happy to serve you Wadali, the local beer, and any other drink while dancing to lively island music and popular oldies.

Barbuda is well known for its pale pink beaches. When the waves roll in, the wet sand seems to have a pinkish purple tint from the millions of crushed tiny blushing shells that get pulled in and up with the waves. The water color in itself is hard to describe – glistening and sparkling sapphire and turquoise, perfectly clear, seeming to have limitless depth.

I sat on the beach for almost two hours just taking it in. There just aren’t too many other words that could describe the changing colors and reflections of the iridescent glitter from the sun.

We passed by the old colonial fort that used to protect the Inlet, still dotted with cannons. We strolled the same beach as Princess Diana, who used to visit the small island by helicopter. We checked out the short bird tour and saw the puffy ruby chests of male birds during mating season.

The ride to the actual island might be a little choppier than you expected, so the easily sea sick should beware, but the sweeping cobalt waters are definitely worth the adventure!

RECIPE:  Captain Andra’s Antigua Smile

  • Rum, 1 shot
  • Creme da banana, half a shot
  • Pineapple juice
  • Fill with ice and shake

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