Superb Staff at Elite Island Resorts

Location, food, weather, these are all important aspects of your vacation. But what really makes the difference in a vacation are the staff and the service they provide. As I travel between different hotels and encounter new people I can’t help but compare the people I’ve met and the ones who stick out in my mind. Looking back, there are certain people I’d love to thank for making my stay at the different Elite island resorts more than memorable, they made it truly unforgettable. Velisha was my first new friend at St. James Club, Antigua. She immediately spotted me as the clueless new guest. She swooped in with her big laugh and friendly smile and filled me in on all the tours I should take (I took six in total and enjoyed every single one), tips on reservations and little facts that took my stay at the all-inclusive resort to a whole new level. Her first word of advice upon taking in my pasty pale skin was to hit up Coco’s beach. Located on the Atlantic side of the property, I toasted my skin in no time at all, not worrying about the heat because of the beautifully cool Atlantic breeze. Throughout my stay she continually checked up on me, even calling my room to make sure I was hanging in there alright and hadn’t melted into a crisp on the beach. Another St. James Club employee who deserves recognition is the always energetic Rodney. Rodney was a triple threat of fun. He played volleyball every day at four, danced with every lady ages 6 to 60 at the Jacranda lounge and continually dragged me around to participate in his workouts at the gym. And it’s a really good thing he did because the kitchen staff is extremely talented and had me quite full and satisfied after every meal. He was always a blast. Between these two stellar employees I left St. James Club with a heavy heart, not wanting to ever leave. Lucky for me all the Elite Island Resorts are equally well-staffed and I found new friends at The Verandah Resort and Spa. Cue Shannon, the activities superstar. He woke me up with his competitive edge and help at morning stretch. He let me win at bingo. He took a small photo shoot of my friends and me kayaking and paddle boarding, without complaint, and only a few laughs. He encouraged even the most skeptical people to participate in Aqua Aerobics where they learned and yelled the motto: water is the enemy and we are awesome! At The Club Barbados I met the resident staff celebrity Jade. Jade is already well known around the property for his impromptu singing and happy go lucky attitude. Earlier last summer, he was mentioned in another visitors review for being one a favorite part of their trip and I can whole heartedly agree with and echo their statements. Throughout my stay he continually came up to me always making sure I had everything I could possibly desire. Staff like Jade and their amicable attitudes automatically the guests happier. They elevate your mood. They exponentially make your stay that much better. It is hard to have a bad trip when the Club Barbados staff is smiling at you every morning and greeting you with hearty cheers. With everyone so friendly and happy you can’t be having anything but an equally amazing time. My final stop was in St. Lucia where I stayed at the St. James Club at Morgan Bay. Watch this video, no other description is necessary.

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