Green St. James Club

The St. James Club is an impressive, eco-friendly setup. This all-inclusive, secluded inlet Caribbean hotel, with its numerous pools and two stunning beaches are enough to make it an amazing vacation spot on its own. But it goes further than that.

With its infrastructure, St. James could basically be its own small self- sustainable village. St. James Club includes 244 rooms and 70 villas available for time shares, plus the mini-mansions that sit above it on the hill. It also houses its own waste management facility and desalinization plant. But you probably wouldn’t realize that looking at the lavish property.

In between buffets and long days at the beach you may notice some small plaques and place cards in your room, mentioning the companies green presence. Room cleaning services come by every day, but with guests’ help, the environmental impact from these services are being decreased.

Sheets are cleaned every three days unless you place a small notice asking for them to be removed daily. Towels that are hung up will be left by the cleaning staff; the ones you want to be replaced are simply left on the floor. Air conditioning units are fitted with special attachments that shut them off when a door or window is left open for more than a few minutes. It’s these seemingly small additions that make the resort more sustainable and that will make the natural beauty of Antigua last.

The property’s environment-conscious practices along with new technology are what make St. James a superior green hotel. Well heads that you may notice on Coco’s Beach are used in the desalinization plant process. These six beach wells are buried approximately six to eight feet deep and use the grainy sand as a pre-filter to remove plankton and other macrobiotic organisms. This connects to three pumps that use reverse osmosis to remove salt.

This operation averages about three gallons of salty Atlantic Ocean to one gallon of fresh water. Throughout this process they also utilize energy recovery units, high pressure pumps, and turbines to further cut energy and environmental costs. This yields about 110,000 gallons of freshwater a day. The pure desalinated water passes through crushed limestone where it absorbs vital minerals and is then ready to be distributed around the property.

The water is of superior quality, whether for a refreshing drink or taking a shower after a long day at the beach. The waste water from showers and bathrooms is sent uphill through lift systems to be filtered in a tiered platform that cleans the water through a combination of pumped-in oxygen, drawing and graviton sinking. With some added chlorine, this cleaned water is used to keep the tropical landscape you so admire a vibrant, lush green. About 90% of the water is recovered and reused.

Elite Island Resorts and their properties know that there is always room for improvement. They are currently working on utilizing a heat exchanger

that will preheat the water behind condenser units for their freezers and ac units before it is transferred to the hot water system to cut energy costs.

In addition, their laundry facilities are solar powered along with all the individual cottages at the Verandah resort.

Their latest eco-friendly projecting is the placement of hundreds of hollow reef balls that are currently growing algae and other tiny organisms to grow an artificial coral reef at Coco’s beach that will increase local marine life and stop erosion. Great for snorkeling and great for Antigua!

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