Excursions in Antigua from St. James

The Stingray excursion starts off with a tour of Antigua on a rugged safari jeep. While cruising, your tour guide will fill you in on local fun facts and point out important land marks. On the east side of the island, near another Elite Island Resort, the Verandah, is Devils Bridge. The rocky outcropping juts out into the Atlantic to give the avid photographer an amazing view and photo opportunity. The reason for this sights name is the small carved out section of stone that forms a short walking bridge from one side to the other. The bridge is naturally formed by the rushing force of the ocean water that scrapes away at the dark stone as the waves come crash in.

We then continued on to Stingray City and prepared for the main attraction! We saw cockatoos, Green Monkeys and Iguanas which lived in cages outside while waiting for the tour to get under way. It’s a smooth ten minute boat ride out to the floating platform where the stingrays gather for some tasty squishy squid snacks. From there it’s just a matter of gathering your courage and getting in!

For me personally, that’s where my bravery ended. I got in. I yelped repeatedly as they swam by me and lightly touched me with their silky wings and from there I proceeded to slowly make my way back to the platform. lasted all of maybe seven minutes. Luckily for me, the staff thought I was funny and because I didn’t get too hysterical, only made minimal fun of me. Thanks guys!

My squeamishness aside, other people around me enjoyed it immensely! They had squid sucked up from their fisted hands into the intriguing creatures vacuum like mouths. The rays held still for close up photos and with assistance from the guides, even swam up a bit on people’s backs; giving them a smooth massage. To round out the trip, we stopped at Betty’s Hope for lunch, the sight of a historic house’s ruins with some of the better preserved sugar mills on the island. The sight has recently become popular again as archaeologists from the United States started uncovering more and more of the original foundation of the Great House, along with the tools from the slave village, and remains of the processing house.

Overall it was a great experience! The perfect mix of adventure, (some) courage and history too!


Zipping through the heart of the Antigua rain forest was definitely a shining moment on my trip. The first line is what they call the screamer. But it’s not even the fastest of them; nope they save that for last. With seven lines taking you back and forth over lush green forests spanning distances of at least 100 feet you’ll feel the rush. You’ll probably also feel some fear. I looked out over the first zip with the words ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ ringing in my ears. But once you sit down and go that first time, all those

fears disappear (somewhat). You’ll hear people shouting as you approach each new zip. And it’ll only get your heart pounding faster and your feet tingling with excitement. If you buy the full package there is also an obstacle course at the end. There are no more zips, but bridges, rope walking and nets to clamber on and over. If you had a lot of trouble with the zip lines, this second area might not be for you.

Several people decided not to continue after looking at the first set of rope walking, though they were still double strapped on with staff there to assist.

If you’re looking for a different sort of adventure, look into the island Segway trip or exploration by ATV!


The first thing I noticed is the view. The Tranquility Spa is high up on one of the cliffs with an open-facing area for couples who want a bit of an island majestic air in their massage. You can enjoy a treatment with the cool salt breeze and a rushing noise of the light blue Caribbean waters. Rustling tree leaves in the wind and the light chirp of birds has you falling even deeper under the spell of relaxation.

There are several other rooms for more private treatments that are just as relaxing. Each room has its own private bathroom so there is no need to leave your own personal oasis of solitude. The spa offers a wide variety of treatments from your basic head to toe massage, as well as hot stones and multiple types of body wraps. Surround yourself in seaweed or mud and feel your body tingle. Indulge, it is vacation after all. Finish off with a cool glass of fruit infused water and take a deep breath.

And when you want to take the vacation and those memories home with you because you obviously never want to forget it, there are packages available with the products and everything you need for your own spa day back at home.

The spa also offers manicures, pedicures, haircuts and facials if you want to dress up for a special night. Along with special makeup and hair styles for anyone looking for a beach side wedding or maybe even a vow renewal. The staff at St. James have seen and done it all before, and are ready to make your special day the best it can be. The Tranquility spa is perfect for any and all of your needs. Reserve an appointment during you stay and get pampered!


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